Posted By: I Mates Consultants | Posted on: August 10, 2020
India Kozhikode/Calicut
400000-1000000 RS

Job Description:

Profile -Collection Manager | Asset Recovery | Unsecured loans

Scope of the Role - Deliver on significant portfolio indicators and maximise Recovery and ensure working in all defined portfolio slabs.

Job Desription - 

  • Maintain professional relationship with the vendor 
  • Ensure compliance from the vendors on laid down processes.
  • Adherence of the Bank’s Code of Conduct by vendor staff.
  • Improve collection efficiency and maximise recoveries.
  • Ensure the ACR levels maintained accordance to portfolio volumes
  • Account level review completed and required trails captured 
  • Vendor rationalisation to be tracked and appropriate decisions taken to continue/weed out with prudence.
  • Effective deployment  and usage of Handheld terminals to all  the field staff
  • Allocation upload is completed in each of the HHT deployed for the vendor
  • Usage of HHT monitored, unused/under repair units tracked and appropriate measures taken to reactivate the usage 
  • Adherence to the HHT usage policy of the Bank
  • Lost HHT to be reported on time and required formalities completed as per guidelines.
  • Multiple receipts issuance within 5 minutes to be tracked.

Ideal Candidature - Candidates with good experience in BFSI Collection and recovery will be an ideal fitment.


collection management recovery collection hard bucket bucket trent.

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