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Profile - Relationship Manager | Insignia preferred Banking | Wealth Management

Scope of the Role - Acquisition and Management of HNI client relationships for the bank. Ideal relationship will have total exposure of 30 lak over a quarter from each client.

Job Description -

1) Acquisition of HNI Clients for the Bank.( New CASA Accounts)

2) Deepening the exisiting relationships by cross sell of various other financial products.

3) Conduct marketing activities to get the attention of the target population.

4) Keep a relationship record of the clients.

5) Provide the best possible customer support for the clients who has in the insignia programme.

Ideal Candiate - Ideal candiate would be somebody who is in Banking/Securities/Private Wealth background with a good HNI portfolio and the exposure in handling the same portfolio for atleast 3 years.

Location - Cochin/Coimbatore/Madurai/Salem

Incentive opportunity is upto 2 lak per quarter (performance based)


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