How Portal Influence Job Hiring

Job portals are the most widely used tool in the recruitment process. Job portals help both recruiters as well as job seekers. Job portals help the job seeker to find a job after their studies. A job portal act as a intermediate link between recruiters and job seekers. There are a lot many job portals available that offer jobs but the selection of right portal is most important. Uploading resumes to a potential portal will have a quicker access. Portals not only help a job seeker but also an employee to grab a better opening in their career.

There are job portal that does not take any cost from applicants for the registration, that help them to register at free of cost. It is the cheapest means of communication between recruiters and job seekers. Job portals help the job seekers to search jobs in a timely and efficient manner. It also helps to apply for multiple jobs at the same time. So the job seekers need not worry if they get not selected in any one of the job. And all of the portals provide 24*7 services, so an applicant could submit their application for a job at any time.

Best job portals will have tie up with reputed companies. Finding such portals will help candidates to grab their dream job. Most of the candidates prefer easy registration even though they are job seekers. They are not interested to follow many procedures for their registration. Even though registration to a portal follows various steps, application for jobs have been simplified by providing direct links to submit their applications. The current openings are not only listed in the job portals, they are even marketing through social media’s like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn etc …

Recruiters get numerous applications through the portals. Screening of applications is very important in the recruitment process because from different portals and through other social media marketing, recruiters will receive a lot of applications of entirely different types. Screening application of candidates requires time and effort. This is the responsibility of recruiters. Selecting right candidate for right profile is most adequate. Whenever a candidate is hired for a position his/her fitment for the job is very important and if the fitment is wrong, all the procedures that followed prior to this would be waste of time and effort. Proper fitment could be obtained through proper screening of applications. Thus the job portals hold a very important space in the recruitment process.

Importance Of Placement Consultancy To Get A Job

A placement consultancy plays a vital role in getting jobs and providing employees for the companies. There are consultancies that takes consultation fees from the candidates as well as consultants that offer jobs without any consultation fees. The consultancies use various methods like social media marketing to reach out to potential candidates. Moreover finding a trusted placement consultancy is also very important. A placement consultancy is an intermediate between employers and employees Most of the professional placement consultancies have their own job portals and they seek the help of social media and job posting sites to get enough applications from the candidates.

        A professional placement consultancy would have tie up with many small and large scale firms and this would help a candidate to get a job. When a company has an open position, they will rely on placement consultants to get an employee. The primary task of placement consultants is to find the right fitment. They need an efficient and potential employee for their team. This is what the recruiters searching for.

         There are a lot of procedures to be followed to make a recruitment process successful. When a position is open for a job the placement consultant should prepare the job description related to the job profile. Then proper marketing should be done to get enough applications. For this we shall seek the help of social media and other job posting sites. As social media marketing provides a lot of response within a shorter period of time, it helps to reach out to the candidates faster. Even though we get applications, proper screening of applications should be done to get the right fitments. Even though screening of applications may take some time, our need is to find potential candidates. After getting a fit application the recruiter could contact the candidate. If the candidate is fine with the opportunity that we have provided, then the recruiters could schedule an interview with the client company. If the candidate is eligible, he/she will be hired.

                    A placement consultancy is a link between companies and job seekers. Also they will help the candidates to attend interview by giving valuable suggestions. A placement consultancy holds a very important space in the growth of the organisation as well as it helps a job seeker to get a job and an employer to get an employee for their company.

Impact of Social Media in Recruitment.

Social Media plays a pivotal role in our lives. It helps us to connect with people from all around the world. There are a lot of challenges faced by the recruiters in their recruitment process. Some of the challenges faced by recruiters are lack of getting good resumes, failure in attracting potential candidates etc… These challenges could be avoided to a certain extend with the help of these social media marketing. Apart from sending thousands of mails, it would be hundred percent effective while using social media as a marketing tool. Because social media marketing has a wide reach and this could help us to reach out to potential candidates.

Reduces Time

Traditional recruitment procedures consumes a lot of time whereas social media marketing shortens the time of both recruiters and candidates with quick response. It not only makes the recruitment faster but also it helps in getting potential candidates. With social media marketing an opening could be filled without wasting much time.

Reduces Cost

Social media marketing makes the recruitment process cheaper than the traditional recruitment procedures. For instance a Facebook advertisement could provide a lot of response within no time. Also there are a lot of job posting sites available other than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp this also could provide quick responses without much cost.

Quick Response

Social media marketing helps recruiters to reach to candidates quickly as compared to traditional recruiting methods. Through the social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp will spread the opportunities in a much faster pace. Even though social media provides quick response and we get numerous applications, from these applications getting a potential candidate with right fitment is the most adequate thing

Hence social media marketing helps employers to reach to the candidates, its usage has been trending. Over all of these benefits of social media marketing proper management of applications is required as it offers many applications. From these applications proper management could result in better recruitment.

What does the industry expect from an employee?

Every industry requires talented candidates with hundred percent academics and who can work with a team, who is self-motivated and who can learn things from their leaders. Then only, after some years they can make strategic decisions by themselves. Initially no one can achieve a position in an organisation alone, it requires a team support. The employers in an organisation look for a person who is self-motivated and  has the ability to tackle the obstacles that arise in the business life.

Why MBA graduates are not interested in sales?

Sales is the heart of every business. Most of the MBA graduates are not interested in sales jobs. This is mainly because business schools are not teaching what is sales. And after the graduation they think themselves as managers and shows less interest towards sales. Many graduates don’t want travel jobs they always prefer for desk jobs. Some of the graduates are not willing to join smaller organization and rather wait for big company jobs. The suggestion for this problem is to make students aware about the opportunities in the sales career during the academics itself. Sales plays a vital role in the growth of every business. This could give them a good exposure in sales.

The Impacts of MBA colleges in getting jobs?

The dream of many students is to do MBA from top most colleges. But every students don’t get equal chance. Top most colleges can give a good initial start for the students. Because most of the reputed colleges have tie up with MNC companies and placement officers of these colleges will be capable professionals with wide contacts and would play an important role in placing the students. But after that nothing is guaranteed in life. All depends upon the performance of the candidates. And those students who took their MBA graduation from normal colleges may find it difficult to get a job because they may not get enough placements.

Candidates expectation vs reality.

Candidates expectations about their career after the graduation is entirely different from reality. Most of the graduates are not interested to start their career with smaller organizations. Despite all job searching efforts they would find that getting their dream job is not an easy task. Hence the first job of every graduates is to find one. Even though most of the MBA graduates are not ready to start their career with sales related jobs. They prefer for managers role and it is very difficult to obtain such a position initially. This is what happens in reality.

         So initially don’t think of getting manager positions. Because as a manager you are expected to an expert in all your works. Initially it may be hard to excel in your work. And as a ground level employee you could learn many things from your experience and this would help you to be a manager of a company in future.